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Kassa Spa Towels

Looking for a versatile hand towel that can do the job of both a swimming pool and a sunbathing beach? kassa spa 2 hand towels are perfect. Made from soft, lightweight fabric and with two horizontal white strips on each side, they keep your skin feeling soft, smooth, and bright.

Top 10 Kassa Spa Towels

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Kassa Spa Towels Ebay

Kassa spa towels are a quick dry, multi blue bath towels set of 2. They are perfect for a new dry clean. These towels are made of 100% breathable cotton and are made to keep you and your home looking good. the kassa spa 2 white grey stripe hand towels quick dry are perfect for those who want softness and drying feeling with just a little bit of water. They're also perfect for use on skin irritations such as skin allergies andreatropamediated dryness. Our believe that with this protection against water damage, vast majority of our customers will feel better about themselves after using our towels. this kassa spa 2 grey white stripes hand towels quick dry toiletival is made of 100%richest lycra and features a stylish kassa brand name in blue. These towels are perfect for your spa needs and are made to be more than just good-sized hand towels. With their soft, cozy prints, these towels will keep you and your guests comfortable all day long. the kassa spa 2 stripe hand towels are a quick dry, teal blue and white colour. They are made of 100% cotton and have a comfortable fit. They are perfect for using on skin or hair.