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Scott Shop Towel Dispenser

Welcome to scott's shop for towels! We offer a 10x12 inch blue box filled with your favorite towels! Our products are easy to order and our delivery is always softhreaders! Thank you for choosing scott's shop!

Scotts Shop Towel Dispenser

Hello everyone, I'mscotts shop towel dispenser and this is my first post ever. I wanted to share with you all some of the new features in 0. 0 including the shop towel dispenser. the dispenser is now programmable with a few clicks, and can hold up to 16 towels. the dispenser also comes with a built in timer which makes it perfect for busy shops. additionally, it with the new towel change system you can now change between twice the amount of towels as always. so far I have used the dispenser to hold: - 2 towels - 1 sheet of paper - 1 sheet of plastic - 1 sheet of paper - 1 sheet of plastic I would love to know what you think. so far I have used it in a abc shop and it was a hit. I hope you all enjoy the new features.

Scott Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

The scott multifold paper towel dispenser is a great way to keep your towels looking fresh and fresh feeling. This dispenser is perfect for using when you're ready to end the towel fight. The multifold design means that it can be used in multiple areas of the house, and the pop up feature means that it will stay in place and keep your towels looking clean. This dispenser is perfect for both personal and commercial use. this scott towel dispenser is a great way to keep your towel box organized and open up. The blue color will stand out against any room's decor. The 10x12cs is also a large size for larger towel cups. This dispenser is also waterproof so you can keep your towels clean and fresh. our scottshop towels for pop-up dispenser box are blue10x12 200 sheets. They are free shipping on orders over $50. the scott shop towels box blue 200 sheets multipurpose 10 x 12 pop up dispenser is a great way to add some organization and storage to your towel dispenser. This dispenser is made of plastic and metal and has a blue color to it. It has a 2-1/2 inch height and is made of plastic and metal. It is also multi-purpose, can be used for cleaning and drying up.