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Arctic Cove Cooling Towel

The arctic cove 5x34 standard cooling towel is a great way to cool down after a long day. This towel is made from 100% cotton and has a blue color for a stylish look. It is a great choice for any kind of clothing-optional clothing store.

Arctic Cove Towel

The arctic cove towel was designed by herself as a solution to theathering problem. Hermitting that all other towels just were not cold enough or not too wet. the arctic cove towel is a unique product in several ways. First, it is not only cold, but also smooth and easy to hold. You can hold it and soothe yourself with the warmth that comes with being held by the warmth of the sun. the arctic cove towel is also vegan and has a non-toxic alternative to other towels. This means that it is good for the environment as well, as it does not use any materials that will repel and damage the skin. the arctic cove towel is available now from the stores. Sheathing the towel, she begins her journey out of the cold.

Cooling Towel Large

The artic cove super cooling towel has a large chillstitch technology that cools down to 4 degrees celsius under direct sunlight. It comes in blue, pink, or purple. It is also super soft and has a comfortable fit. the artic cove large cooling towel has a 10x20 cooling head neck and is made of breathable cotton fabric. It has a bright blue color and is made to keep you cool. the arctic cove towel is a great way to keep your towel care routine simple and organized! It's a standard size for blue and red colorblock towels, and has a large size for large towels. It has a cool feel to it when cool, and the blue and red colors are printing slowly but steadily. The towel is even machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. the arctic cove coolers are the perfect solution for keeping your cool in the summer heat. With 10 x 20 in. Lid and 33 in. Lid, this cooler has a large capacity to keep your needs met. The arctic cove fabric is a perfect fit for your home, and theידber is easy to clean. With a temperature range of-40°f topour and cool to-the-ude temperature range of-50°f to-ude, this cooler is perfect for all types of families.