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Floral Towel Sets

Looking for a unique and classic bath towel set? look no further than the royal terry floraletti towel set! This set includes a 1960s-era towel set in a shiny, wide-rimmed, navy-colored bagel design and a years-old floraletti stripe down the side. The set is a great way to show off your withs and tomo van!

Floral Towel Sets Amazon

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Top 10 Floral Towel Sets

This is a vintage set of 1 cannon towel set. 4 hand towels floral usa white. Size is 7"x7". this vibrant bath set comes with a bowl, sponges, and towels for a clean feel. The listing includes a box and the set itself. This items is a great addition to any bath home. at pioneer woman, we believe that every woman should have her own beautiful towel set. We offer a wide range of floral towel sets that will make your kitchen look beautiful. Whether you need a simple towel set for a new year or a special touch for your home, we have a set that will perfect your home. the london-based company offers a unique and memorable floral towel set known as the "floral towel sets. " these sets come with a lot of different colorful towel articles that will make your towelirritation level a little more manageable. The sets also come in a few different colors and styles, such as blue and green.