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Towel Topper Pattern

This pattern is for a crochet towel topper pattern that includes fruit, flowers, and trees. The patterns for this pattern are available as a kindle store and google play app. The pdf pattern is also available for$0. This pattern is for a towel topper that has a fun and stylish look. It is made out of crochet a dozen towel toppers patterns k mcallister fruit flowers bears.

Kitchen Towel Angel Instructions

Cut a angel-style kitchen towel into a long, thin piece about twice the size of a 20-centimeter piece of paper. Place the piece of kitchen towel on one of the ends of the paper, so that the edge of the towel forms a protectiveshield against the paper. Place the paper between the 2 kitchen towel pieces, so that the paper is held together in the middle. Place the second kitchen towel pieces on the first kitchen towel pieces, so that the edges of the pieces are slightly connected. Place the final kitchen towel pieces on top of the first kitchen towel pieces, so that the paper is fully covered. Hold the kitchen towel in place with your hand, and you're ready to start working with it.

Towel Topper Pattern Walmart

This towel top pattern is from the mrs santa towel pattern book. It is a festive plastic coverlet with a christmas tree in the middle. The steps are: -You will want to purchase a white towel top pattern with a santa tree in the middle. -Once you have purchased your pattern, go to a large, middle clan and purchase a towel head. -Once you have funded this, -Once you have funded these, go to a large, middle clan and purchase a towel gros-taur. this is a towels topper pattern that requires a crochet pattern. this crochet pattern is for a towel opener. Make a zigzag track out of the fabric so that the shelter of the towel is revealed. this crochet dress me up towel toppers pattern book dishclothes pattern is for your washing up bowl. It includes a towel top with a crocheted gradient background, pot holders for use with dinner, and an annies! This towel top is a great accessory for any major work project.