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Zep Industrial Towels

The perfect solution for. Zep is a high-quality polyester industrial towel that is perfect for your shopping experience. Thousands of people have found this out through search engine optimization, and they see this as a valuable information for their business. With great quality and great prices, zep is the perfect solution for you. Order now!

Zep Industrial Blue Shop Towels

The industrial blue shop towels are the perfect choice for anyone who wants something both stylish and functional. This set of shop towels includes a choice of blue or green variations that can be used for a variety of businesses and campaigns. The towels are made from 100% acrylic and are as soft as you will ever feel on a work surface. looking for something different? Then check out our set of shop towels in black or red!

Zep Blue Shop Towels

Are you looking for some new, stylish laundry towels? then you need zep blue shop towels! These towels are 75 count per box and are made from poly-fiber that is perfect for any cleaning process. When you're ready to finish your laundry, just remove them from the dryer and they'll be ready for post-drying. this item is a 2 box set of zep industrial towels. The each box is 75 count per bx. They are poly-fiber and lint free. They are good for cleaning up your home and removing wrinkles and dirt. this zep paper towel dispenser is perfect for your laundry room or laundry basket. This zep paper towel dispenser is 75 count per box. It comes with 75 towels. You can fill it with laundry, volleyballs, or other items. The zep paper towel dispenser is perfect for your laundry room or laundry basket. the zep industrial towel is a perfect solution to keep your furniture clean and looking its best. This box of 75 towels is made from soft, blue poly-fiber and has arics for a consistent texture. They offer a lint free blue shop experience when using this tool.